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Look, I¹m just saying there¹s a lot of letters in your name...(I wonder if
you run out of room on the ³name² line on forms). As for my synapses, they
have both guns drawn and more ammo than Sam Peckinpaugh¹s oeuvre. And when I
said that you obviously understood Milton far greater than I did, I was
being sarcastic about the irony of a Milton member calling for my
cyber-tongue to be cut off. And when I responded to your request to have
said tongue removed, I wasn¹t only thinking about ³Areopagitica²: rather, I
was thinking more about the general spirit of Milton (and I¹m not Catholic
either, so there¹s that). Also, you couldn¹t hit a sciatic nerve with a
rocket launcher at pointblank, so don¹t be lettin¹ false pride over-inflate
the vacuous balloon on your neck that you call a head.

Alright, now that the venomous fangs have been sufficiently milked, we can
be friends. I¹m on this list because I love Milton, and I would assume
that¹s why you¹re here as well. So let¹s stop the hatin¹, get back to the
lovin¹, and I¹ll leave you with a line from a song you¹ve probably heard a
1,000 times. 

Peace, Love, and Billy Jack -

Jonathan B. Colburn

³I cannot praise a fugitive and cloister'd vertue, unexercis'd & unbreath'd,
that never sallies out and sees her adversary, but slinks out of the race,
where that immortall garland is to be run for, not without dust and heat.²

-John Milton 

On 4/17/09 2:47 PM, "Scriblerus Tertius" <scriblerustertius at yahoo.com>

> Mr. Angel, 
> I'm glad to know that you can make words using the most commonly occuring
> letters in the English language, but I do not understand what you are
> blathering about. Maybe your synapses are not firing because I never asserted
> to know Milton better than you.  Milton wasn't "all about censorship." He only
> wanted things with no orientation to his particular truth censored. A close
> reading of _Areopagitica_ will bear that out. Methinks I hit a nerve.
> Best,
> S. Tertius
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> You know, if ³names² counted in Scrabble, and I had all the letters of your
> name, I think I could win every time.
> And you obviously know and understand Milton far greater that I ever could,
> because you can see that he was all about censorship, whereas I¹ve been
> blinded to that.
> So, thanks.
> [chewing my self-censoring tongue bloody]
> JA 
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