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Dear Milton Scholars,
I agree with S.Tertius and others who voiced their opinions about this recent thread of "inane" comments.  Why is it that we are keeping this "inane" discussion thread going?  Could we not get to the "sublime" without going through the "inane"? I don't know what to say against this avalanche of disrespectful and warped opinions. I look to this list as a scholarly source to advance my knowledge of Milton.  I have learned  much from you and hope to continue to do so.  Yes, Milton would burn "inane" books, although he would allow them to be published.  So must we use the "delete" key for "inane" statements.  Without a moderator, the silent treatment is best.

Salwa Khoddam

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  Mr. Angel, 
  I'm glad to know that you can make words using the most commonly occuring letters in the English language, but I do not understand what you are blathering about. Maybe your synapses are not firing because I never asserted to know Milton better than you.  Milton wasn't "all about censorship." He only wanted things with no orientation to his particular truth censored. A close reading of _Areopagitica_ will bear that out. Methinks I hit a nerve. 
  S. Tertius

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  You know, if ³names² counted in Scrabble, and I had all the letters of your
  name, I think I could win every time.

  And you obviously know and understand Milton far greater that I ever could,
  because you can see that he was all about censorship, whereas I¹ve been
  blinded to that.

  So, thanks.

  [chewing my self-censoring tongue bloody]



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