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Mr. Angel, 
I'm glad to know that you can make words using the most commonly occuring letters in the English language, but I do not understand what you are blathering about. Maybe your synapses are not firing because I never asserted to know Milton better than you.  Milton wasn't "all about censorship." He only wanted things with no orientation to his particular truth censored. A close reading of _Areopagitica_ will bear that out. Methinks I hit a nerve. 
S. Tertius

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You know, if ³names² counted in Scrabble, and I had all the letters of your
name, I think I could win every time.

And you obviously know and understand Milton far greater that I ever could,
because you can see that he was all about censorship, whereas I¹ve been
blinded to that.

So, thanks.

[chewing my self-censoring tongue bloody]


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