[Milton-L] request

John Shawcross elea48 at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 16 07:59:28 EDT 2009

Dear Miltonists,

I have been asked to  make this announcement / request by the  
publisher of the 17th- and 18th-century
bibliography that I compiled a few years ago. It is available through  
"Iter" on the Web, but it is now ready
to be published in regular print form (I have the only copy of this).  
The publisher is Medieval and
Renaissance Texts and Studies (at Arizona State University, Tempe),  
but it is long and will be expensive
to produce and thus expensive for purchasers. It is in four volumes,  
but I have no idea what the cost for
the full set or for a single volume may be. In our bad economy book  
sales, even to libraries, have dropped
drastically, and thus the request. MRTS would like to know how many  
people will be interested in buying
a copy, and they ask that such potential buyers send a note (e-mail)  
to that effect to Roy Rukkila,
managing editor of MERTS. His e-mail address is: <roy.rukkila at asu.edu>.

The large-page printing is in four volumes: Volume 1 includes the  
Primary Seventeenth Century items;
the Secondary Seventeenth Century items; and the Primary Eighteenth  
Century items, and totals 788
pages. Volume II includes Secondary Eighteenth Century items  
(1701-1770), pp. 789-1742. Volume
III includes Secondary Eighteenth Century items (1771-18th century  
[undated] items), pp. 1743-2696).
Volume IV is the Indices (pp. 2697-3406). There are eight indices for  
each of the four Parts (Primary
Seventeenth Century, Secondary Seventeenth Century, Primary  
Eighteenth Century, and Secondary
Eighteenth Century). Some alleged or undiscovered items are also  
listed in Volume IV and separately

The seventeenth-century items are greatly expanded from my earlier  
bibliography in 1984. Please
direct any questions to Roy Rukkila, and thank you sincerely for  
responding to this request.

John Shawcross
(elea48 at insightbb.com)


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