[Milton-L] Is Paradise Lost

jonnyangel junkopardner at comcast.net
Thu Apr 16 07:09:39 EDT 2009

> The range of value judgments needed to place Milton above Shakespeare
> needs to be fully explicated before such judgments can be pronounced,
> and I hope would take into account how natural and eloquent
> Shakespeare's dialogue can be compared to how convoluted and unnatural
> Milton's imposition of Latin onto English sounds at times.  Greater
> breadth of knowledge and sophistication of thought in Milton but more
> acceptance of English as English in Shakespeare.
> Jim R

And it's the Latinate construction (the thing after the "thing") of PL that
makes it unique, transcendent, and timeless,

Donch'a think? 

Either Milton knew what he was doing, or he didn't.

(Oh, and give me Beethoven over Mozart- Mozart sounds like Bubble-Gum.)


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