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> ³Why do you insult Shakespeare? So far as I know, he is never, never, never,
> never, never referred to as "Bill." "Will," perhaps, self-referentially and in
> over-plus.²
> - Nancy Charlton

Well, I guess you know ³now², because you heard me call him ³Bill².
So now that that is out of the way, lemme tell you a funny [but true] story
about me and Bill. 

When I was strung out in 1989, I decided to give college a shot. I went to
[fill in the blank school] and majored in theater. The theater was housed
within the hallowed walls of the Humanities building that was built many
years before I was born. There was a massive portrait of Bill bolted into
the concrete wall outside the theater and, well...I wanted it. So late at
night after rehearsals, I would tug on it to see if he had any give in him,
but he never budged. So over the following semester, I would grab him by
both sides of his frame and literally walk up the wall, putting all my
weight against it while trying to free him - but he still wouldn¹t budge,
and he never blinked. It¹s like he was staring at something I just couldn¹t
see. But I kept working on him, night after night, for weeks and weeks.
Then, one night after a bad rehearsal, I pulled a bottle of Mezcal out of my
backpack and went diving for the worm, because I had made up my mind that
that M-F¹er was coming off the wall that night. So I grabbed the sides of
his massive frame and walked up the wall again, rocking back and forth.
Eventually, he snapped under my persistence and weight, but I was about 4
feet up his wall and the impact when I hit the ground was commensurate with
the height that I had reached. All I really remember was hitting the ground
and not being able to breath. I was there for a few minutes, covered in
concrete dust with his massive face lying on my chest as Led Zeppelin¹s
³When the Levee Breaks² pounded my vestibular system into submission. But I
still had the wits enough to run with him to my crappy 1969 VW beetle
outside, where I threw him the back and drove (somewhat erratically) to my
cockroach infested apartment. I put him on the top of my fridge, and then I
passed out. When I woke up, I was having trouble breathing because ( as I
later was told)  I had fractured two ribs in the fall. When I got home from
the doctor, I measured the dust covered bolts hanging from the back of his
frame, and they measured about 1 1/2 inches thick and 12 inches long. When I
made it back to the Humanities Building some time later, the only thing I
saw on the wall where he had been held prisoner for so long was a bright
spot. He had been on that wall for so long that the brightest paint only
existed because the elements couldn¹t penetrate through his massive frame.
Well...I fixed that.
At the end of that semester in 89, I went on a world tour with him in tow.
The University had a bounty on his head (and mine) from the time I placed
him on the top of my fridge. So when I took him to Laguna Beach with me, I
dug him into the sand and faced him toward the sun sinking over Catalina
Island, while duck taping his mouth shut and wrapping his frame in rope. I
took a picture of him with a crappy Polaroid Land Camera from the 70¹s, and
wrote a letter in ³Bill-speak² to the University that had placed a handsome
reward for his return (and a larger reward for the apprehension of his
kidnapper). I wrote to them in the Elizabethan speak that their loins quiver
for like saliva pulsating from the lips of a Pavlovian dog. I told them that
Bill was doing fantastic. I¹m sure that the picture of him bound and gagged
didn¹t look so good to whomever was checking the mail that day, but I also
knew that Bill had never seen the sun sinking over Catalina Island before.
And  I can vaguely remember him mumbling though his duck taped mouth that it
was the most beautiful thing he¹d ever seen in all the years that he had
hung screwed into a concrete wall of academia with 12 inch bolts, with
nothing to look at but hallways that lead to nothing. And everywhere I went,
from the exotic to the mundane, I took him along and photographed him in
those locations and wrote Elizabethan letters to the University that I
rescued him from. I would place the letters (along with his Polaroid's) into
a an envelope, and send it to the University - just to let them know that no
matter where he was, he was faring much better than he ever had when he was
bolted into their wall.

Going down now, 


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> jonnyangel said:
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>> > 1. Milton vs. Shakespeare as a "poet" (even though Bill wasn't much of a
>> > poet, especially next to Milton)
> Why do you insult Shakespeare? So far as I know, he is never, never, never,
> never, never referred to as "Bill." "Will," perhaps, self-referentially and in
> over-plus.
> Nancy Charlton
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