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Steve Fallon sfallon at nd.edu
Wed Apr 15 14:11:10 EDT 2009

I sent off my response to Ross before receiving Jason's message (I  
appreciate the plug).

I meant to add that my post addresses Milton's theology, and that I  
don't want to be taken as suggesting that the consistency of Milton's  
understanding of divine freedom in Ddc is an adequate answer to those  
who see the God of the epic as morally compromised.

Steve Fallon

On Apr 15, 2009, at 1:59 PM, Jason Kerr wrote:

> Unfortunately, the demands of grading prevent me from turning my own  
> feeble faculties to this problem, but I do recall that Steve Fallon  
> has an article (which I believe reappeared in Milton Among the  
> Philosophers) that takes up your very question and would make a nice  
> quick crib before tomorrow's class.
> "'To Act or Not': Milton's Conception of Divine Freedom." JHI 49.3  
> (1988): 425-49.
> I don't mean to suggest that Steve's article is or should be the  
> last word, but it does frame the problem quite nicely in a form  
> accessible enough to read in time for class tomorrow. In any case, I  
> think it's great that you're reading from DDC with your students,  
> and I hope it goes well.
> Best,
> Jason A. Kerr

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