[Milton-L] Is Paradise Lost

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 11:39:50 EDT 2009

I frankly can't believe I was asked this question:

> Theoretically:  at what altitude does Parnassus plateau?   If judgment
> between Milton and Steele is possible, why isn't judgment between Milton
> and Shakespeare?

Do you really believe a judgment between Steele and Milton is engaging
in the same activity as judgment between Shakespeare and Milton?

What did Shakespeare write that is comparable to Paradise Lost?  Isn't
it more intelligent to judge Milton's Paradise Lost against Homer,
Virgil, and Dante than against any of Shakespeare's plays or poetry?
Just Milton's sonnets against Shakespeare's sonnets and you may make a
meaningful comparison.   Judging an epic poem against a play or a
cycle of sonnets?  I don't think this makes much sense.

Jim R

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