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Very Interesting Jim Rovira: Blake and Kierkegaard. I'd like to hear more.  I did my M.A. at Chapel Hill on Blake's MILTON;
Robert Kirkpatrick, then a young Romanticist, kindly agreed to shepherd me through the writing and the committee.  Since
I knew that nothing I had written made ANY sense and, after the defense, knew that no one on my committee had any
notion what I was talking about, I decided to never have anything to do with Blake beyond the Songs for the rest of my
life.  Of course it isn't possible to escape from William Blake.  And for the past several years I've been teaching the
Prophetic Books exclusively, beginning with the Songs and Thel and ending with Jerusalem.  I don't do the Four Zoas
because they were never, really, 'published' --and, of course, because you'd need another whole semester to do so.
I'm retired now, but looking to offer a course for non-traditional students and interested others, as soon as I can get
a publisher for my book, Beginning With Blake: A Work Toward Knowing.
If you've a biblio on the Kierkegaard (later articles, etc. 'harvested' from your diss.) and details on the diss itself, I'd
like to try dipping into it.  Since you're on the list, I could always direct my questions directly to you.

Jim Watt
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No need to apologize, Tony.  I tend to think the same way.  I think
more people need to be speaking up as you did.

I'm not a Milton specialist either.  My diss. was on Blake and
Kierkegaard and I had to wrestle with justifying the application of
Kierkegaard to Blake  -- just for myself.  English studies tend not to
worry about that too much.  So I tried to identify cultural tensions
to which both authors responded in similar fashion (and from within a
similar literary/ philosophical tradition), suggesting these tensions
and this shared literary tradition serve as a good basis for a
mutually enlightening reading of the two authors.

Jim R

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 2:49 PM, Tony Demarest <tonydemarest at hotmail.com> wrote:
> And Jim-
> Not trying to begin a civil war, not being a Milton specialist, I have
> always had "paradise envy"- and I really appreciate what those of you on the
> list present- but having been Jesuit educated, I have always had a problem
> with anachronisms- and thus I read your comment as such- when in reality, I
> should have stood back and let it unfold in "real time."
> I went to Regis HS in NYC where we were whipped into Greek and lashed into
> Latin, and I remember with great fear that I should never dot an iota. I
> appreciate your grace in responding and repeat my apology if I did strike a
> poor chord.
> Tony
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