[Milton-L] Is Paradise Lost

Alberto Cacicedo alc at mac.com
Tue Apr 14 15:25:08 EDT 2009

I was going to ask what exactly jonnyangel means by "poem," but  
decided that to ask for a definition would be so unpoetic that at best  
I'd get a raspberry in response.  But really, I prefer edible  
raspberries.  They're the best by far.--Al Cacicedo

On Apr 14, 2009, at 1:33 PM, Nancy Charlton wrote:

> I can't believe it! A community that includes most of the best and  
> brightest in Milton studies caviling over a non-issue we'd rap our  
> students' knuckles for! There has not been one scintilla of  
> definition of "greatness" or "poet" laid out in this whole  
> discussion. The most that can be said is that it at least makes us  
> focus on this omission. And maybe not take it too seriously.
>  [snip]
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