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Dear List Members-
At our college, we require a senior research presentation in every A&S major- since I am the college's "resident medievalist" (probably pertains more to age than scholarship), I usually have students who wish to research Arthurian Romance or Chaucer. I have taught Milton twice in the past four years (I retired from secondary school administration in 2002)- and have been receiving more requests to work on Paradise Lost. At first, the topics reflected my interests- i.e. structure of Miltonic similes, but then I received requests for reflections on Eve's culpability, Satan as "hero," etc. Just yesterday, a student asked if I would mentor her through a study of Satan as a more heroic figure than God. This from a young woman attending a Catholic college- of course, I readily agreed. My dilemma: I have most of the mainstream sources (Fish, Lewis, Nicholson, etc.) but I would like newer links- my last academic connection with Milton studies was in 1970, and as a member of this list, I am almost ashamed about what I do not know. But since my position is "medieval," I carry courses from HEL to Milton- and occasionally delve into my favorites- Walcott and Heaney; so I am truly stretched, and would like to have your recommendations for further modern study in this aspect. What's new on Satan?As always, many thanks for your help-
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