[Milton-L] Is Paradise Lost

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Amen, James Rovira!  Another list I respond to lately was asking for "favorite poems,'  which occasioned my saying I never understood questions of this nature.  In a New York minute I can tell you what poetry I NEED at any given moment.  Same for music.  Who in the world would bother trying to compare Beethoven and Chopin?  Or who could imagine the world, absent either or these, not irretrievably diminished?

Jim Watt
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The most important thing about evaluative criteria determining who or
what is the "greatest" anything is what this criteria reveals about
the person holding it, not what it says about the objects measured
against it.  So we learn a great deal about a critic who praises Donne
at Milton's expense and perhaps a little less about Donne and Milton.

As for Shakespeare, everyone knows his greatest work is the novella
Venus and Adonis.

Jim R
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