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When Swift re-read his Tale of a Tub, when he was an old man, he said.
, "Lord, what a genius I had when I wrote that!"
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Dear fellow Miltonists,

If I may, I'd like to inform you of CUP's imminent republication (in
paper) of *Milton's Good God: A Study in Literary Theodicy.*

Let it be said that Cambridge's offer to republish this volume came with
a line forbidding me the insertion of any emendations, afterthoughts, or
retractions; therefore what you get here is exactly what emerged from
the mind of a young scholar of roughly half my present years. But
perhaps there's never much point in apologizing for one's age!

Oddly, both the CUP and Amazon websites list this title as "in stock,"
yet both also list its publication date as June 2009. Having just
received my author's copies, I think it may indeed be available already.
And so this notice.

Hoping all have enjoyed a happy Pessach, Easter, and/or sweet
engendering April shower,

Dennis D

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