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Believe it or not, but my health doesn¹t come before Milton.
If a medical professional told me that I had to quit reading Milton or I
would wind up on a hospice bed that I would never get out of,
I would choose Milton. But then you would say I made that choice because I
wasn¹t in my right mind, or that I was suicidal -
effectively stealing all of Milton¹s thunder and my passion for the sound of
his thunder. 
And when the thunder that you¹ve stolen eventually fades into silence,
listen closely, and you will hear the faint splash of Virginia Woolf jumping
into the dark water
with nothing in her pockets but a rock heavier than your struggle to

Raising a glass to your health,


On 4/10/09 5:48 AM, "Horace Jeffery Hodges" <jefferyhodges at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Milton is important . . . but health comes first:
> http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.com/2009/04/health-reminder-changes-in-appear
> ance.html
> Apologies for the interruption.
> Jeffery Hodges
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