[Milton-L] Milton & Pullman (and Blake and Lewis too)

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Thu Apr 2 21:46:40 EDT 2009

.>   Pullman seems not to have read much farther in PL
>   than "better to reign in Hell," and maybe the same
>   could be said of Blake. Did either one pay any
>   attention to the discrediting of Satan in Book X?

Excellent question.  It seems to me that in X Satan is revealed for what he has always been. 

And, I think,with no evidence I realize, that JM probably assumed that readers of PL would not just race through it once and not re-read, but would read, and then read again.

I read murder mysteries once and then go on to something else. I read other kinds of fiction once, and then again. Is there research on the reading habits of JM's audience?


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