[Milton-L] Milton & Pullman (and Blake and Lewis too)

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At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, I've found that Pullman's engagement with Milton is mediated by his reading of Blake (not just Blake on Milton), so much so that it's hard to see Pullman's direct engagement with Milton at times. Blake is the writer he is really haunted by and dependent on. And there are echoes of Bunyan as well (see Margaret Kean's fine article in the 2005 number of The Glass, archived at www.clsg.org ). And then there is his well-documented dislike of CS Lewis, so we have to see Will & Lyra's world as not Narnia as well. 
I've been teaching Pullman for the last few years in a module that runs from Milton, Bunyan and Blake, and it does make pedagogic sense as a little tradition.


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