[Milton-L] Where does Satan's passion originate?

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On Nov 26, 2008, at 5:20 PM, Josh Fischer wrote:

> In all my research I am not finding a good answer to the question:  
> Where does Satan's passion originate? Rather, how does it rise up  
> in him so uniquely and with such abundance?
> I am writing: Milton does not give the reader a good reason for  
> Lucifer’s increased passion in the text of Paradise Lost, it is  
> left as a necessary characteristic of the work’s most important  
> character, and a lingering issue that appears to have no textual,  
> critical or theological explanation. John Carey, in his essay  
> Milton’s Satan, believes the author “sets aside the problem of  
> showing perfect intelligence operating imperfectly” (165).  
> (Werblowsky, which Carey cites, does not talk about this either,  
> that I have been able to ascertain I should say.)
> Before I make such a statement, I wanted to check on this list as  
> it is not only germane to my article, but also this issue jabs at  
> my curiosity and understanding of the poem and its theological  
> suppositions.
> Thank you and please enjoy your holiday,
> Joshua Fischer
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> University of Louisville
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