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Dear List Members,

I sent this query on Lycidas to my advisor, Professor Luiz Fernando Sa (UFMG/Brazil) and he sent me back the message followed (below), which is also a passage from his book. I think it might do with some help.

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Miriam Mansur
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Sure, the answer is in my book The Myth of Orpheus in Milton's L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, and Lycidas on pages 141-142. The two-handed engine may, among other things, be Saint Peter's keys which may open up the doors to heaven. Or, it may be Saint Michael's scales which will weigh the virtues and vices of Christians in the end of times. The important thing is: the engine refers to the threshold of things profane and things divine just as the expression "yet once more" does. Cheers, Luiz.
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> I am sure you can answer this question!
> Kisses,
> Miriam
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> I received an email from a blog reader who posed this question:
> "I have to close with a Milton question -- has any progress been made in figuring out what he meant by 'the two-handed engine at the door' in Lycidas? Thirty years ago, a professor told me that no one had any idea."
> I don't know the answer -- and only with the request learned that there was a question -- but I promised to ask.
> What is meant by "the two-handed engine at the door"?
> Jeffery Hodges

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