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But Milton also appreciated a just war and advocated in "Of Education" some type of military training for students to prepare  them for peace and war and inspire them with native heroic honor. Satan's war and that of his types, the malicious, is different.
Salwa Khoddam
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                       Yet, haply, of thy race 
  In future days, if malice should abound, 
  Some one intent on mischief, or inspired 
  With devilish machination, might devise 
  Like instrument to plague the sons of men 
  For sin, on war and mutual slaughter bent. (Book 6)
  Just to make it about Milton, unfortunately he then, and we now, observe that indeed malice does abound.
  O shame to men! Devil with devil damned 
  Firm concord holds; men only disagree 
  Of creatures rational, though under hope 
  Of heavenly grace, and, God proclaiming peace, 
  Yet live in hatred, enmity, and strife 
  Among themselves, and levy cruel wars 
  Wasting the earth, each other to destroy: 
  As if (which might induce us to accord) 
  Man had not hellish foes enow besides, 
  That day and night for his destruction wait! (Book 2)
  I appreciate that Milton's observations of the absolute absurdity that is war. As God the Father states "War wearied hath performed what war can do."
  Greg Lowe
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    My parents were both veterans of a foreign war, Hannibal: WWII, in England. What they saw--Lord HawHaw and the devastation of London--the incendiary bombs and man's cruetly toward his brother--was no different from what our kids are facing today in Iraq . . . Afghanistan . . . or any other theatre in this endless stupidity called war . . .

    except that technology has grown, and our capacity to kill one another efficiently has grown commensurately,

    My message was for all soldiers, everywhere, and all the grown men who sent kids off to die.

    I'm sorry that you couldn't get past the politics to the humanity that lies behind the spirit of this holiday. We don't celebrate the bureaucrats who sent them--just the kids who willingly went, their sweet and innocent patriotic lives on the line, not knowing if they'd come home, but believing that they were there to serve a Higher Cause. God bless them, even if you won't. I think John Milton would have.

    Carol Barton


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