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(I'm afraid I can't resist.) It's also worth noting that, in the halcyon
days before the US military became Pure Evil Inc., 60 years ago (according
to the aggrieved poster), it was a rigorously racist (segregated)
institution -- whereas now, as far as I understand, it has become one of the
most rigorously color-blind institutions in US society. The turning-point?
1948, when Truman ordered military desegregation: 60 years ago. So is the
claim that Evil emerged when black soldiers began to be treated, officially
at least, as people? Or -- almost worse -- that it didn't matter? JDF

On Mon, 26 May 2008 14:20:31 -0500 milton-l at lists.richmond.edu wrote:
> I was the person yelled at by Carrol about "Politically Correct" -- even 
> though I was attempting to quote a book title,
> not giving a discourse on the term. I was also the one who asked him to 
> explain the history of the term as he understood it,
> which he did, off-list.
> It was interesting.
> Now, Carrol, try to answer this honestly, and without being abusive,
> if you 
> can.
> What do you think the state of the United States would be had it disbanded

> its  military at the close of WW II?
> Rose Williams 
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