[Milton-L] This is off-topic and IS political

John Leonard jleonard at uwo.ca
Mon May 26 15:10:30 EDT 2008

Political, but hopefully not abrasive or divisive.  Carrol, a few days ago 
you told someone off for not knowing the provenance of the term "politically 
correct."  Someone else then asked you to enlighten us, but (unless I missed 
something) you never did respond to that request.   I have a very clear 
personal memory of the first time I heard the term (in 1986), but have heard 
various and contradictory accounts of its origins.  You apparently know the 
truth of the matter, and think we should too, but some of us don't, and I am 
sure many would like to learn, if you are willing to share the information 
with us.

Many thanks,

John Leonard

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