[Milton-L] Edward Phillips and _Letters of State_(1694)

Jereme Skinner jskinn2 at lsu.edu
Thu May 22 00:52:00 EDT 2008

Dear All,

I've exhausted all of my resources here at LSU, so I'm turning to the
list for a question about Edward Phillips.  Since the title page offers
no name other than Milton's, how do we know that Edward Phillips
edited/translated _Letters of State_(1694)?  Prof. Shawcross's chapter on
Edward Phillips in  _The Arms of the Family_ led me to question the
assumptions from biographers on the question of the mss of Milton's State
Papers and the role of people such as Daniel Skinner, Moses Pitt, and
Edward P.  I've searched the biographies of Parker, Masson, and Lewalski,
who all assume that he Edward Phillips is the redactor/translator behind
the 1694 edition.  Parker, as far as I can tell, comes closest to
acknowledging the anonymity of _Letters_, but offers no source for his
assertion that Edward P. is the man behind its production. 

Many Thanks,

Wade Skinner
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