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  Nancy Charlton wrote:
  ‘And if I recall right, in the Prolusions JM devotes a lot of attention to sport and play. We know that he could fence and ride acceptably, and he walked in the garden 3 or 4 hours every afternoon while writing PL, but is there any other evidence that he enjoyed sports and games? ‘ 
  Although not a direct remark  by Milton on his own playing games, the following lines from Damon’s Epitaph do relate to your question inasmuch as a poetic view on the topic:
  non haec solet esse juventae
  Nubila frons, oculique truces, vultusque severi,
  Illa choros, lususque leves, & semper amorem 
  Jure petit; (83-86)
  A frowned face, fierce eyes and grave looks do not suit youth, which always rightfully requires dances, mild games and love (my translation here).
  I hope I might have been of help.
  Erick Ramalho
  Centre for Shakespearean Studies (Brazil)

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