[Milton-L] Nigel Smith's Milton in Time Magazine

Rose Williams rwill627 at suddenlink.net
Sun May 18 19:55:54 EDT 2008

This is getting interesting.
I had not considered Dr. Kantor's remarks re Jane Austen, but I think I 
shall. She has a point in
bringing up the following:

If Mr. Bennett of "Pride and Prejudice" had been more patriarchal, perhaps 
he wouldn't have sent
his youngest daughter off to Brighton, where she was seduced, simply because 
it was too much
trouble to deal with her complaints and make her behave.

If Mr. Woodhouse of "Emma" had been more patriarchal, perhaps he would have 
given Emma
an example of good sense  and good behaviour instead of acting like an 
elderly child.

If Mr. Dashwood of "Sense and Sensibility" had been more patriarchal, 
perhaps he would have made
provision for his wife and daughters instead of leaving them at the mercy of 
his son and the son's
despicable wife.

Now I think I shall buy a copy of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the 
South." There may be a few
truthful points in it which I can research. I sometimes relax in spare time 
by skimming works that established
academicians summarily dismiss as claptrap. That is what established 
academicians said about Schliemann's
location for the city of Troy and Heyerdahl's plan to sail a reed boat 
across the Atlantic.

Rose Williams

> And as for positing the "Politically Incorrect Guide" as a curative, books 
> that read Jane Austen to argue that "Most men would be improved if they 
> were more patriarchal than they actually are" and Chaucer to claim that 
> "Chivalry has contributed enormously to women's happiness" are exaclty the 
> kind of shallow, politicized claptrap that has not place in a serious 
> classroom. Lit crit from the series whose guide to US history extolls the 
> virtues of the Confederacy seems pretty suspect to me.

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