[Milton-L] Nigel Smith's Milton in Time Magazine

Rose Williams rwill627 at suddenlink.net
Sun May 18 17:17:29 EDT 2008

The "Politically Correct Guide to the South" was not written by Dr. Kantor. 
And Dr. Kantor's book was not mentioned as a curative to anything.
Rose Williams

> And as for positing the "Politically Incorrect Guide" as a curative, books 
> that read Jane Austen to argue that "Most men would be improved if they 
> were more patriarchal than they actually are" and Chaucer to claim that 
> "Chivalry has contributed enormously to women's happiness" are exaclty the 
> kind of shallow, politicized claptrap that has not place in a serious 
> classroom. Lit crit from the series whose guide to US history extolls the 
> virtues of the Confederacy seems pretty suspect to me.

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