[Milton-L] "Clinton Agonistes" piece in Newsweek

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Just wanted to share this title in Newsweek.



A few choice sentences like:

"They won't be much use in the fall if they're crushed and defeated."




Eleanor Clift


Clinton Agonistes

How will Hillary work with the Democratic Party?

May 9, 2008 | Updated: 4:44  p.m. ET May 9, 2008







B ut bring with thee that bright and cheerefull face,

A s when Alcest, Admetus did imbrace.

C haste Alcest, who to keepe him from the graue,

O ffred her life, her husbands life to saue.

N ot Portia, whom the Romans so admire,


T o their first height by his triumphant straine,

A youth so louely, that euen beasts of Chace,

S taid by the way, to gaze him in the face.

T he wildest birds, his beauty to espye

S it round about him, and before him flye,


A nd with their chirping tunes beare him along,

A s if to greet him with a Nuptiall song.


B ut when they saw he was imbark't, returne

A s loth to leaue him, and together mourne.

C hanting vnto themselues vnpleasant notes,

A nd full of discords from their pretty throtes.

N ow lancht into the deepe, see by the way,



T hat since the high solemnitie drew neere

O f this faire Couple, to the Gods so deere,

A s Heauen and Earth did in their ioyes agree,

S o at the last would his calm'd waues and he.

T hese words of hers great Neptune did appease;

S o with his Trident straight he calm'd the Seas


F or whom Apollo left his fiery Chaire.

A curious Roabe athwart his shoulders fell,

B y some laborious hand Imbroidered well:

C unning ArAchne could no better weaue,

N or Pallas, should the heauens she once more leaue:







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