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and to the fourth book of Virgil's Georgics, where the beehive is a mock-epic trope.

Cristine Soliz <csoliz at csoliz.com> wrote:  You might also consider it as Milton's allusion to the Theogony of Hesiod.

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> Quoting Andrea Esther Fingar :
>> Hello all,
>> I've just joined the mailing list. I'm in a Milton course at MSU and am doing
>> a research paper. I want to do it on the Bee similie. I'm really a novice
>> since I'm an undergrad. and this is my first experience with Milton and
>> reading Paradise Lost.
>> There are 2 other references to the bee. In Book V and Book VII. Are these
>> related to the 1st "Bee" in Book I? The footnote to the "bee" in Book I
>> mentions Homer and Virgil also Salmasius' assertion that bees compare to
>> absolute monarchy, etc. Can anyone elaborate or point me in the right
>> direction to find material on this subject.
>> Thanks,
>> Andrea
>> fingara1 at mail.montclair.edu

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