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Re: [Milton-L] AbdielYes, Michael: I'd agree with that, and with your previous post--I think Adam begins falling the moment he says, "Certain with thee my resolution is to die."  Eve says (and Satan echoes) "yes, but--God said don't touch it" twenty-something times (I counted once: 23, unless memory fails) before she actually accepts the fruit--and her motive for doing it is to be smarter than Adam, which is the only version of the temptation she "approves." (Put in modern parlance: Satan finally names her price.) Like Mammon, she begins to fall the moment she parts from Adam, enticed by the prospect of showing off her abilities alone against the Adversary (a species of pride)--and she can't claim she "didn't know" how powerful he was, because Adam warns her. Her "I don't care--I can handle him" is tantamount to a Harapha or a Samson boasting about his abilities as a pugilist. Marjorie Hope Nicolson likened that discussion to the kind of debate an exasperated parent has with his rebellious teens, which usually ends with a dismissal like, "Do as you please--but don't come crying to me . . . !" So I think you're right: neither of them are *fallen*. but both are *falling*.

An enjoyable, provocative discussion; thank you for initiating it!

Best to all,

Carol Barton
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