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Carol, Eve responds to the temptation in the dream because it appeals to her
weak spot, which is not being wholeheartedly reconciled to (or confident
in?) her secondary position. However, her response, as Adam says, is not
sinful because she doesn¹t ³approve² it once she becomes rationally
conscious. Rather, she is distressed because it was a dream of ³offense and
trouble² (5.34). She is glad to learn it is just a dream. So this is a good
example of the process of rationally judging a wrong thought to be wrong.
Had she kept the dream a secret and treasured the excitement of
transgression, then it might have been an example of sinful thought that
would involve ³spot or blame.²


On 6/26/08 4:02 PM, "Carol Barton" <cbartonphd1 at verizon.net> wrote:
> The whole purpose of right reason is to discern and reject temptation in any
> form--whether motivated by an external agent, or from within oneself. Is Jesus
> in PR guilty of sin because he considers the devil's temptations long enough
> to refute them? Certainly, they are "evil thoughts"--but they are also
> unbidden. Satan's sin originates in envy born of pride, and degenerates from
> there into a denial of God and an overt embrace of evil: "Evil be thou my
> good." Sin *springs from his head full grown*--bad wisdom, fully formed--the
> antithesis of Athena springing from the head of Zeus. That just isn't the same
> as Eve's fantasizing as a result of a dream induced at the instigation of the
> Adversary, and I think it's an important distinction. Not Eve's own
> imagination, but the toad at her ear suggests sin, as the devil suggests a
> variety of sins to Jesus in the wilderness--even sins that on their surface
> sound like virtues (such as feeding the needy). What counts is not that she
> has the dream--but whether she *acts* on the dream. And that's what Adam is
> trying to tell her.
> Best to all,
> Carol Barton
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