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Daniel W. Doerksen dwd at unb.ca
Thu Jun 26 12:35:04 EDT 2008

At 07:40 AM 6/26/2008, Jameela Lares wrote, in part:
>I'm with Carol that thoughts without any defining action can't define sin.  I
>can't think of any cases in which the theology of the period defined sin in
>terms of thoughts rather than actions, and certainly no biblical 
>references [emphasis added].
>Indeed, the parable of the two sons (Matt. 21.28-31) seems to say the 

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but what about Matthew 5:22 about 
anger, Matthew 5:28 about lust? Are such anger or lust thoughts, or more 
than thoughts? Did the elder brother in Luke 15 sin by his anger (v. 28) 
before he did, or refused to do, anything to express it?

Dan Doerksen 
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