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I'm with Carol that thoughts without any defining action can't define sin.  I
can't think of any cases in which the theology of the period defined sin in
terms of thoughts rather than actions, and certainly no biblical references. 
Indeed, the parable of the two sons (Matt. 21.28-31) seems to say the opposite.

I have always assumed that the moment of sin is reflected in the trembling of
the earth, and both times the human has EATEN (9.780-784, 994-1004), though I
do note that there is a biblical continuum--and not only in the epistle of
James--in which thoughts can lead one to sin, and Adam's eating is thus called
the "compleating" of the sin at 9.1003.  The treason connection, though
suggestive, is problematic because it assumes that secular politics, and
relatively recent ones at that, would immediately copy on to what were
considered timeless theological truths.  And no one seems to have mentioned
that the unfallen Son engages in interior monologue in PR without subsequently

I've been off-line for a few days and have read this long thread at a sitting.
This topic is great for engaging various positions in a debate.  In fact, I am
wondering about the propriety of printing off the posts for use in a seminar,
where a good intellectual time would surely be had by all, so perhaps if I
decide to use the question I would be contacting individual post-ers and asking
if I could reprint their posts, which I would also forward.  But that's future.

I hope to be back online soon.  I'm on the road, so if anyone responds to this
late addition, it make take me a day or so to get back to it.



Quoting Carol Barton <cbartonphd1 at verizon.net>:

> pace Bill Hunter's blessed ghost, if we factor in Milton's definition
> of "sin" in DDC, the thought alone is not enough. Even sin itself "is
> not properly an act," if I recall his argument correctly. (It's the
> negation.)

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