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Dear all,

Could you please copy me with your responses too?  I have a collection of
³flowers in poetry and through the centuries² that I use for
town-and-gowning to horticulturalists, gardeners, May-dayers.  A few months
ago (perhaps years ago?) the list helped me remember William Carlos
Williams¹ ³Asphodel, That Greeny Flower.²  It is all Milton-related of
course.  As Hannibal on the list knows from a conference, I believe the
violet flower in WCW¹s ³Raleigh Was Right² alludes to Milton¹s ³L¹Allegro.²

BTW: Thanks to all those who answered about my Bible as Lit question a few
weeks back.  The syllabus is almost all complete, and I am very excited
about the course.


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On 6/26/08 9:14 AM, "Shannon Miller" <smiller at temple.edu> wrote:

> Dear Miltonists,
> This is a much broader 17th century poetry question posed to me by a
> colleague:  I was hoping that individual members of the Milton list would be
> willing to consider it.  My colleague recalls two 17th century poems on
> sunflowers, but can't seem to find them.  He describes the poems as follows:
> "The gist of it was that like the sunflower that follows the sun across the
> sky, our souls hunger for heaven."  I was able to find two later examples,
> but they are rather obscure.
> Does this ring a bell for anyone?  Off-list responses would be greatly
> appreciated!
> Best,  Shannon Miller
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