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Incidentally, I thought Coiro's review was well done except that I was
puzzled by this section. I wonder if there are other interior monologues by
unfallen characters in the poem besides Abdiel's at 6.114.

About Abdiel following Satan initially: Satan instructed Beelzebub to "Tell
them that by command I am to haste. . . homeward. . . there to prepare fit
entertainment. . ." (5.685-90).  So Satan's followers thought they were
following God's orders. It's true that Beelzebub cast "ambiguous words and
jealousies" (5.703) among his orders to the sub-commanders, but no telling
whether these reached Abdiel.


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> Thanks Michael:
> I am always amused by Miltonists who are determined to out angel his angels.
> Here I am especially pleased to learn that Ms. Coiro believes that
> subjectivity is a mark of the Fall (especially interesting in light of the
> high degree of subjective and interior reflection manifested by the Elohim).
> I wonder if gender is another mark of fallen subjectivity?  Or hell, what
> about simple sex?
> Jim Watt
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> Not much discussion of Milton¹s poetry here lately. What are people¹s
> reactions to these points?
> ³Abdiel is a decidedly mixed character‹he did follow Satan initially; he is
> capable of an interior monologue, a mark of fallen subjectivity; and he is
> more zealous than brilliant in his argument with his fallen general. If there
> is Miltonic representation here it is fractured and self-critical.²
> --Ann Baynes Coiro, review of Stephen Fallon¹s new book in latest MQ.
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