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Kim Maxwell kmaxwell at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 24 13:27:01 EDT 2008

I arrived in London today (spending two weeks in Scotland) to notice in addition to the Tube (with the bus the cheapest) and the very new, comfortable train to Paddington (leaves every 15 minutes, and by far the fastest to London, but then, as noticed already, requires tube or cab transport thereafter) a new service called Dot2Dot that uses small shuttle cars at 17.5 pounds per trip, leaves every twenty minutes, and delivers to anywhere in downtown London (including the British Museum and London University area).  Its web address is http://www.dot2.com/home.aspx. This will not be fast (multiple end stops and traffic into London can be fierce), but is probably the cheapest and most convenient door to door.  

The tube, by the way, gets very packed as it gets into London, and is particularly uncomfortable if you have luggage.  However, the line from Heathrow (Piccadilly) goes right to Russell Square, the site of the meeting. 

Kim Maxwell  

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