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Dear American Friends,
  Heathrow is served by a train that will get you into the city centre quicker than any cab can do.  Take the train!  Save fuel!  Go really green! You can get a cab from the train station (Paddington) to your hotel.

duran0 <duran0 at purdue.edu> wrote:
  Thanks to Julia Walker for that information.

Her email spurred me to see if a few of us arriving at about the same time would like to share a cab.  I arrive at London Heathrow Airport on Monday, July 7th, at about 6:00 AM and am happy to wait around for anyone who lands as late as 7:00 AM.  

Please email me OFF LIST if you would like to coordinate where to meet at the airport and sharing a cab to U of London residences, which seems to be a 19 mile/35 minute ride.  I/We can check on the taxi cab fares (looking at the list we all just got, too!) and split it two or three ways, depending on how many arrive at about the same time. 

Fingers crossed...


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