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Julia Walker walker at geneseo.edu
Mon Jun 23 10:57:32 EDT 2008

People who are going to London,

I was looking on line for a woman-owned cab company to pick me up  
from LHR (midnight arrival = luxury of a cab) and I found a GREEN cab  
company with women drivers -- er, _lady_ drivers, in retro Brit- 
speak.  It's almost too much, even for me, but why not?   Then alas!   
Although some green minicabs advertise women drivers, none has one at  
the moment.  (The under-representation of women in the cab-driving  
profession is a blot on the social landscape of the UK.)

So, being unable to go green and fem simultaneously, I'm going fem.   
I include a list of each in case any of you wishes socially- 
responsible airport transport.  (If you book green, do ask for a  
woman driver.  Perhaps it will motivate their HR depts.)

support women:

http://ladyminicabs.co.uk/  (no eco-option, but all women and a good  
web-booking service)

Here are two all-women companies, but you have to join -- just takes  
a minute and very little £ on their websites.


support the environment:

http://www.climatecars.com/   No women at the moment, but VERY  
green.  They offer free water in bottles made from cornstarch with  
the profits going to water projects in Africa.  Really.


http://ecoigo.com/  -- green but no women drivers at present

http://www.radiotaxis.co.uk/  (claims to be carbon-neutral, but  
nothing about women)



Julia M Walker
Professor of English
State University of New York

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