[Milton-L] More Info - Satan, Confusion and Amazement

Yaakov Mascetti mascetti at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 05:24:24 EDT 2008

Greetings to all again - thanks to those who have kindly provided me  
with insights on uncreation - I appreciate it. I'm looking into an  
issue parallel to the ontological inquiry, which focuses on Satanic  
psychology, so to speak. I'm interested to know if anyone has any  
info (bibliographical, et al.) on Satan's state of confusion,  
amazement, and wonder following his fall. Fallen angels are often  
described as incredulous or wonder-struck when they see the effect of  
Divine wrath, or angelic counter-attacks. MLA has very little on the  
role of amazement in PL (except for an excellent piece by Kathleen  
Swaim on "The Art of the Maze in Book IX of Paradise Lost") and was  
wondering if anyone has anything to beef up this awkward interest of  
mine in Satanic confusion.

Thanks in advance,


Yaakov A. Mascetti, Ph.D.
Department of Comparative Literature
Bar Ilan University

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