[Milton-L] Info request - Uncreation in PL

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Does Fish, or anyone, align the notion of Milton's text as "self-consuming 
artifact" with an ordained devolution of the artifact of God's creation?

In doctrinal history, is the biblical picture of a final 
isassembly  --stars falling, elements melting, heavens rolling up like a 
scroll---  treated as a consequence necessarily of the Fall, or, rather, as 
built-in, so to speak, to the raw, mere, nature of the physical creation?

Sh's "to the last syllable of recorded time" may have no relevance to PL, 
but seems to me a marvelously suggestive yoking, or "imping," of (A) the 
idea that creation is a text with an ordaind end, and (B) the picture of our 
conscious, willing life as a thing that tails off finally into incoherence.


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> I'm sure other scholars here can give you more direct references, but
> you may want to search chaos theory approaches to PL.
> Then try not to strangle yourself.
> Jim R
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