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>From Simon Finch catalog



"The reconstruction of the

putative contents of the library of one of England's greatest poets has
exercised the

minds of several generations of scholars, with only limited success. The
problem of

reconstruction stems from the dispersal of a large numbers of Milton's books
in the

final years of his life: Parker, in his definitive biography of Milton,
cites a statement

of John Toland, that 'towards the latter part of his time he contracted
[i.e. reduced]

his library, both because the heirs he left could not make right use of it,
and that he

thought he might sell it more to their advantage than they could be able to
do themselves'

(Parker, Milton, I, 607). It is true that Milton lodged in about 1670 in the

of Edward Millington, 'a seller of old books' who had a shop in Duck Lane,
and he

may have well have been the agent in the dispersal of much of Milton's
library at

that time. Parker lists some fifteen extant titles from Milton's library,
together with

some further twenty titles (including the present) customarily considered to

been part of it, in his short survey of books containing Milton's signature
or monogram,

but roughly half of the latter group he notes have disappeared since first

attributed. These very scant remains (again including the present title) of
what must

have been a considerable collection were also discussed in detail by J.
Milton French

in his Life Records of John Milton (1949-58)."


I have French and Parker if you have trouble locating the ref's



Hope this helps




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Boswell's book was his revised dissertation, it was done mostly at the
Folger, and it was based on citations from the then new Yale Prose Works.


I don't think there is an inventory of Milton's books in the will of
Elizabeth Minshull Milton, just the vague "two books of Paradise."


Roy Flannagan



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I seem to recall that Jackson Boswell published an inventory of 
Milton's library, don't recall what it was based on.

Sabrina Baron
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