[Milton-L] Paradise Lost -- Parallel Prose Edition

Dennis Danielson danielso at interchange.ubc.ca
Wed Jul 9 15:12:30 EDT 2008

Dear Miltonists,

Today at the Milton Symposium here in London I made available an advance
announcement about a parallel prose edition of Paradise Lost scheduled
to appear in October. This edition is intended mainly for those who
might never otherwise attempt to read the epic -- readers who might pick
up modern English prose translations of Homer or Virgil or Dante, but
for whom Milton's own original syntax and vocabulary are barriers to
approaching the poem. My edition offers the original text on the
left-hand page and a prose rendition ("translation," if you will) of the
story on the recto.

If anyone not attending the Symposium (or anyone who IS attending, for
that matter) would like a pdf of the flyer that was handed out, please
contact me offline and I'll send it to you.

I'll provide a brief URL link once the edition actually appears.

Dennis D

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