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Mon Jul 7 01:02:31 EDT 2008

Jim Rovira wrote:
Jeffery -- I don't think we're taking seriously enough the fact that all Eve's capacities have been created by God, so that we can't allow, say, fancy to desire the fruit with the excuse that reason is sleeping. If anything created by God desires evil for itself, then God created a desire for evil -- and God is responsible for evil. This contradicts Adam's own reasoning about Eve being morally pure, and ignores that Adam is creating the only possible explanation for Eve's dream that he can without knowing about Satan. In other words, Adam was mistaken about the source of Eve's dream. I'm not sure that the narrative of PL really allows for an either/or here -- either fancy, or Satan -- as we witnessed Satan crouching by Eve and inspiring the dream. The real Eve was repulsed by the dream, and I
think she was repulsed with her entire being.

Jeffery replies:
But we have to understand an Eve who could be tempted by the fruit of knowledge, for she did, ultimately, take that fruit.
I think that as for the dream, we have no reason to suppose that Eve's desire for the fruit is a desire for something evil. Rather, the fruit is attractive as fruit, which sufficiently explains why Eve can desire it. But because Eve's reason is asleep, she cannot truly approve of any 'evil' thought about accepting the fruit. In fact, she does not clearly conceive of an evil thought, e.g., to break the sole command. And I think that even in her state of 'fancy', she does resist, or is protected from accepting the fruit. On this point, the text is not entirely clear.
Jeffery Hodges
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