[Milton-L] Abdiel (thought-sins)

Harold Skulsky hskulsky at email.smith.edu
Sun Jul 6 20:42:27 EDT 2008

"A question: why does Eve in the dream feel an irresistible compulsion
eat? ("I, me thought, / Could not but taste.") Is that a normal
response of
Eve, the person, or of any normal person, to the S-appearances of the
To me it suggests some difference between the dream-self and the
self. If we suppose that some of her responses are being manipulated,
she is not quite herself."

Michael, I didn't mean to imply that passionate desire for fruit was
anything but unnatural to the Eve we've been reading about.The question
is what it means for Eve to be, in consequence of this fact, not quite
herself --that is, what it is for her to have her responses manipulated
by Satan, who has control of all her physical responses, including her
desires . My point has been simply that those responses, characteristic
or otherwise, are still the real responses experienced  by the real Eve,
not the dream responses of a surrogate that Eve is dreaming about. When
we say that Eve desires the fruit irresistibly, all we can mean, given
what we are told, is precisely that she has been caused to have — to
have in all actuality — desires that are absolutely un-Eve-ish. When
someone is under the influence, he does and feels things that make it
possible for him to resort to the usual idiom, and to say "I was not
myself." I am just recommending that we take the idiom literally only on
penalty of confusions down the line.

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