[Milton-L] Abdiel (thought-sins)

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 14:01:26 EDT 2008

Thanks for the reply, Michael.  I'm not sure I can argue beyond the
point we've reached, at least not from the text.  I would say that if
Eve herself is involved in the dream, and chooses the fruit -- if it
is her acting, she is not sinless.  I don't think we can have it both
ways.  Innocence, especially prelapsarian innocence, is an absolute
category, like pregnancy.  You are or you aren't.

Freud's statement seemed to eliminate the possibility of any
pre-modern understanding of dreams coming from any source other than
the supernatural, which is of course completely wrong.  It's not that
pre-moderns didn't believe dreams had supernatural sources, but that
they didn't believe dreams -only- had supernatural sources.  Seems
like there are some comedies that attribute certain dreams to poor
diet.  However, the footnote in the Milton reading room provided only
a short quotation, and it's possible Freud was more careful elsewhere.

Jim R

On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 12:26 PM, Michael Gillum <mgillum at unca.edu> wrote:

> Freud was only partly wrong to say the pre-moderns believed dreams come from
> God or other supernatural agents. That was one possibility, since the OT is
> full of dreams that come from God. The other and more usual source of the
> dream was the fancy, sometimes affected by physiological disturbance.
> (Pertelote advises Chaunteclere to take a laxative.)
> Michael

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