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  Egress Films is happy to announce the release of John Milton’s  
Paradise Lost as performed by John Basinger. The 4 DVD set includes  
all 12 books on 3 DVDS plus a 4TH DVD of special features!

A master storyteller, Basinger lifts the text into a rich live  
performance brilliantly captured on film by Andreas Burgess.

"The tonal range of Milton’s verse achieves its fullest amplitude  
through John Basinger   Albert C. Labriola, Editor of Milton Studies.

  Basinger has not only committed the entire poem to memory but  has  
brought this text to dramatic life for many audiences since 1993. The  
DVD performance reflects Basinger’s keen understanding of Milton's  
depth of characterization, artistry and passion.

"Don’t expect a dry rush of words from Basinger. A former member of  
the National Theater for the Deaf, long active in the dramatic world  
of Slam Poetry, he knows how to breathe life into Milton’s grand  
words.”  Bill Daley, Hartford Courant

To view clips or obtain your own copy click here to go to the website:
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