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Re: [Milton-L] Abdiel (thought-sins)The whole *point* of the test is that the command is  *arbitrary,* Michael: had it been overtly reasonable, it would have been too easy to avoid transgressing. This is, as I tried to explain in my example about a father talking to his adolescent daughter, purely a test of obedience--purely a test of trust, and love, and gratitude: "Will you obey me even when I've provided no justification for what I ask?"

"If I'm not at home, whatever you do, you must never go the tower . . . the basement . . . the place with the locked door" that is the first place you'll try to enter, the minute my back is turned.

And there you will find the vampire . . . my murder victims . . . or something equally horrible. I'm not sure how old you are, but perhaps more relevant for your generation: "Don't feed the creature after midnight." That's arbitrary, too (or so it seems.) The question is, do you love and respect the source enough to observe the proscription on faith? 

Best to all,

Carol Barton
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