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Michael Gillum mgillum at unca.edu
Thu Jul 3 11:06:04 EDT 2008

My apologies for misreading JD Fleming's penultimate post. He was talking
about the continuity between speech and action, while I was thinking about
the discontinuity between Adam's interior thoughts at 9.900 and the content
of his speech to Eve-- also about the irrationality of that speech. My post
was a failure of "conversation" in Boyd Berry's sense.


On 7/2/08 4:36 PM, "jfleming at sfu.ca" <jfleming at sfu.ca> wrote:

> Sure. But that is precisely to say that he is deciding to fall; that the
> separation of intention from expression that you note is both the marker and
> the content of this decision; and that, _precisely because A is as yet
> unfallen_, there is no possibility of his forming this intention without
> proceeding to its expression -- viz., eating and falling. The intentional
> autarky to which he commits himself is, ironically, impossible for him as he
> commits himself to it. This is what I meant by saying that the joke is on
> him. 
> The upshot, for me, is that any interpretation of the unfallen A and E that
> binarizes their intentions over their expressions is wrong-headed. And this
> seems to me the heading of the view that the fall is preceded by a process
> of mental corruption discrete from the fall itself.
> That's what I think! JDF
>> My interpretation of this pattern is that Adam's reason has already been
>> darkened and his unity of being has been fractured in consequence of sin,
>> which is resolving to disobey (not just thinking "eat fruit").
>> What do you think?
>> Michael

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