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thanks, Diane.  It's a beautiful passage --and one I had forgotten.  I'll put it in my internet wisdom file.

Jim Watt
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I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and will contribute to this fascinating thread and to applaud Richard Strier's statement below and add my favorite bit of Milton's prose in defense of it:

>From  Christian Doctrine I, Chapter 18:

"Regeneration is that change operated by the Word and the Spirit, whereby the old man being destroyed, the inward man is regenerated by God after his own image, in all the faculties of his mind, insomuch that he becomes as it were a new creature, and the whole man is sanctified both in body and soul, for the service of God, and the performance of good works.  Is regenerated by God: namely, the Father, for no one generates, except the Father.  In all the faculties of his mind; that is to say, in understanding and will.  This renewal of the will can mean nothing, but a restoration to its former liberty."

On Jul 1, 2008, at 9:56 AM, richard strier wrote:

To say that "Milton could not conceive of an unfallen human
psychology, or represent it in language" seems to me to be
EXACTLY wrong, and to thoroughly underestimate the
astonishing achievement of the most original parts of PL
(namely, the presentation of human life before the Fall).
What a pity that someone devoted to Milton should think this.


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