[Milton-L] prayer and sin

Alice Crawford Berghof aberghof at uci.edu
Wed Jul 2 12:26:21 EDT 2008

What would be the role or redolence of Edenic and angelic prayer in all 
of this?  Here are a few rough ideas:

1. To Richard Strier:
The fact of prayer would allow us to distinguish between Milton's 
Pelagianism and his dependence on Augustine's later reliance on the 
necessity of divine grace in the attempt to align one's will with 

2. To Dennis Danielson:
Prayer would have allowed Adam and Eve to ask for the grace to have 
gratitude for scientia.

3. To James Rovira:
It would distinguish them as Christian.

4. To Michael Gillum re most recent but also other postings:
It would have allowed for brightness instead of the "darkening" 
(beautifully phrased!) you describe.

In general, with respect to jurisprudence, it would align judge and 
jury, would embed in the interdiction the path of salvation, and might 
complicate what we have said about treason.

In relation to redemption, the moment after the Fall seems crucial in 
terms of voiced repentance.

I have phrased much of the above in the subjunctive.  In a more 
thorough response I would attempt to make careful connections between 
Adam and Eve's nightly prayers and the angels' singing.

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