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I¹d say rather, ³Sin hardens the heart as well as dulling the brain.²

DDC 1.12 says, ³This death consists, first, in the loss, or at least the
extensive darkening, of that right reason, whose function it is to discern
the chief good, and which was, as it were, the life of the understanding²
(Sumner trans.?). The context is ³spiritual death² as part of the
³punishment of sin.² Did Milton believe that right reason is restored in the
regenerate? Or is the ³umpire conscience² a clearly different faculty?

On 7/1/08 12:53 PM, "Patricia Stewart" <pstewart at uga.edu> wrote:

> "Sin makes you stupid, according to a lot of medieval and renaissance texts.
> Adam and Eve can eventually repent because God sends prevenient grace after
> the fall and judgment."
> Sin hardens the heart instead of dulling the brain.  See, for instance,
> Claudius' prayer in _Hamlet_.

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