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Alice Crawford Berghof aberghof at uci.edu
Tue Jul 1 13:40:44 EDT 2008

I hope everyone rereads your fascinating work in relation to recent 
discussions.  I also find extremely useful Jameela Lares' Milton and 
the Preaching Arts.  Questions of exegesis and genre coalesce in both.

On Jun 30, 2008, at 5:45 AM, Boyd M Berry/FS/VCU wrote:

> I have basically been reading responses to the interesting discussion 
> at home, trying to do a few backyard chores as well.  Not to pester 
> with personal matters, but I published an essay, "Conversation in 
> Hutchinson's Order and Disorder and Milton's Paradise Lost" in 
> Renaissance Papers, 2005.  I argued for a sense of conversation in 
> which both parties attend to and acknowledge the "process of speech" 
> of the other, in part by responding to the pattern of points the other 
> has made.  This sort of conversation first occurs in book 3, and the 
> conversations which follow between Adam and Eve can be thought of as 
> imitatio dei.  The Son's first words, "gracious was that word," shows 
> the nature of this sort of conversation.  It's absence is clear in 
> Satan's book 4 "address" to the Sun which basically works out to 
> address himself, as well as in book 9 where both Eve and Adam address 
> themselves.  They even "converse" while debating whether to separate 
> or not.  In response to Alice Crawford Berghof's question, I pointed 
> her to this piece.
> Boyd M. Berry
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